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Listed below are other organisations with which the club, or its members, have associations.

A click on the logo will take you direct to their web site. Organisations with an asterisk (*) are umbrella organisations whose membership provide the necessary insurance cover required as part of the rules of membership of Cycle Club Bexley.

It is necessary to join only one of these, although it is up to you if you wish to belong to more than one.


Eastern Counties Cycling Association

The Association's programme of events offers opportunities for our Member Clubs to compete in an extensive range of activities including our popular three-day Festival of Cycling. During the remainder of the year we promote Time Trials, Road Racing, Track Racing, Randonnées and Social Activities in Essex and Suffolk.


The Tricycle Association

Believe it or not there are many in our club who believe that dragging three wheels around with you is better than dragging two and belong to this tribe. Many are in their somewhat senior years, so perhaps it is a sign of "full circle" after starting their years awheel playing skittles with pedestrians while still in short pants. In any case, many ride time trials on their trikes and it is a great organisation for social activities.

Kent Cycling Association

The Kent Cycling Association is a group of cycling clubs based in Kent. It is not a club in its own right, although it does organise events and has its own set of awards for members of clubs affiliated to the Association. The site provides details of current activities, racing information and details of useful contacts.


London Cycling Campaign

The London Cycling Campaign was set up specifically for the cyclist that regularly rides the streets of London. They actively promote the welfare and rights of cyclists on the streets of London campaigning for better and safer cycling in London.


Veteran Time Trials Association

The Veterans Time Trials Association is for anyone 40 years of age and over who has an interest in cycle racing, and specifically in time trialling.