Bexleys Evening 9 TT - 2023

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9 Mile TT events

This year we have kept our starting location at the top of Gorse Hill (Near Brands Hatch) and so the TT is still the CC Bexley Evening 9. Our fun and competitive 9 mile (14.5km) Time Trial (TT), series starts on Wednesday eveinings in April at 6.45 pm and goes through until the start of August.

The Stanstead Hill climb is our final event and runs on last Wednesday in August and starts at 6:30. See HERE for more information.

We will be using the course QS/26 which starts near the top of Gorse Hill in the lay-by, and finishes near the bottom of Gorse Hill (formally Death Hill, A20).


The cost is £5.00 cash at the start line, or £5.50 (apologies PayPal fee) online before hand.

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Event Details

Numbers of riders

Between these times there are no limits, its subject to sufficient light left at the anticipated time of the last man finishing.

Race restrictions

Please note there are some restrictions in the number of riders for the first few evenings on the following dates ;

  • On the 1st ride in April we are limited to 20 riders.
  • On the 2nd ride in April we are limited to 20 riders
  • On 3rd ride in April we are limited to 20 riders
  • On the 4th ride we are limited to 30 riders
  • On the last but one ride we are limited to 35 riders
  • On penultimate ride in August we are limited to 20 riders.
  • On final ride in August we are limited to 20 riders

Start Time

To secure a ride, please turn up by the time shown in the listing. Start times shown are one minute before the scheduled start time for number 1.

The start timekeeper will remain for as long as there are riders or as long as there is sufficient light expected for the riders to finish.

If you arrive late your chance of getting a ride is therefore dependent on the size of the field or daylight remaining.

Please note that these times may be altered according to conditions on the night. The District Council limits the number of riders we can have on some nights due to failing daylight. This is under bright conditions though and entry is always at the discretion of CC Bexley officials.

Event Cancellation

The usual reason for any cancellation is bad weather or bad light. We always hope to run the event and cancellation is often a last minute decision. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page and Tweets for any and all regular updates.

Should the weather be generally bad the chances are that the event will be cancelled, but showery rain can be short term and very localised thus making it difficult to determine if the weather will hold out over our event.

In these conditions riders will have to take a chance if they make a trip to the start but, if your journey is in vain, we won’t forge5 you.

Traffic disruptions, e.g. closure of the M20, may also force us to cancel the event without notice. Should an event be cancelled in advance it will be notified on the index page or by use of the event dates table above.

Course route

The course uses the QS/26 details as follows:-

  • Start at the bus stop in lay-by on A20 west of Brands Hatch at the top of Gorse Hill, approximately a mile from West Kingstown roundabout.
  • Proceed via West Kingsdown to turn at the round-about at the top of Wrotham Hill. (4 Miles)
  • Retrace the route on the A20, (5 miles).
  • Finnish is approx 40 metres before the lay-by at the bottom of Gorse Hill alongside a clearway sign at a point opposite the field access, on the east side of carriageway.

    Course record

    The current course record is currently held by Ben Tulett - 21:09 set in 2018.

    The ladies record is currently held by ......

    Entry Fee

    The entry fee, which must be paid in full to the start official is:

    • payable by card on the evening, or cash, or before hand online
    • £5.00 for current CC Bexley members
    • £5.50 online via PayPal
    • £5.00 for Non CCB members (must be a member of a CTT affiliated club)

    Conditions of Entry

    • The events are held under Cycling Time Trials regulations. (CTT or RTTC as formally known)
    • Riders must belong to a club affiliated to the CTT.
    • Affiliation will cost your club only £30.00 per year. More information can be gained from their website Cycling Time Trials. Affiliation is made through the district in which your club resides. Please select your district from their website for the necessary contacts.
    • If you do not belong to an affiliated club and want to ride these events then all you need to do is join our amazing club CC Bexley.
    • As a member you are also eligible for the CC Bexley Ten Mile Championship Competition.

    Minimum Age

    The minimum age for entrants is 12 years old and Parental consent must be given for all riders under 18 years of age.

    Health and safety

    CC Bexley will make every effort to ensure the safety of the event, however it must be remembered that the race is run on the public highway, and it is up to the rider to obey the all of the rules of the road and Highway Code.

    Riders will be required to sign a disclaimer, available before starting the time trial. There are currently about 4 miles of marked Cycle lanes in place on the course through West Kingsdown in both directions.


    All vehicles should be parked in the lay-by near the top or bottom of Gorse Hill.

    In order to comply with the course risk assessment declarations, apart from the Timekeeper there is strictly no parking at the finish line.


    Photographers are often seen around the course and riders have later asked if shots of themselves are available. We have had official photographers in the past, but usually they are associates of riders, or maybe just keen photographers seeing us as an interesting subject.

    It is almost impossible after the event to locate the photographer so if you are interested in a print it would be best to ask around the riders and friends at the finish to see if he can be traced. If the photographer is commercial, he will usually make himself known at the start or finish.

    Covid 19

    CCB's Covid Secure Events

    For CCB to run a safe event we must adhere to the guidelines laid out in the CTT Covid-19 Risk assessment, this will be available at the signing on table.

    We hope to provide an enjoyable and safe event for riders and volunteers, to do this we ask all attending to follow our set of guidelines:

    • Riders must queue observing social distancing rules whist waiting to sign on.
    • On the signing on table will be the signing on sheet, ‘till’ and race numbers when the rider’s number has been allocated.
    • Hand sanitiser and anti bacterial wipes for use when signing on will also be available.
    • As per CTT guidelines, riders are to provide their own pen for signing on, they will not be provided.
    • We endeavour to facilitate payment where no human contact is necessary as there will be no ‘change’ available, riders must bring the correct £5 entry fee with them, placing it in the ‘till’.
    • After completing their ride numbers must be returned and placed in the safe bucket ready for cleaning, leave the area and comply with social gathering rules.
    • The event result will be publicised on the Club web site and Facebook page as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance for your co-operation.