Joining CC Bexley

So you are interested in joining us! We will certainly welcome you. Lets get the paperwork and money out of the way first. For your information annual membership fees are given below. Please follow the steps on this page carefully.


Membership typeGentlemenLadiesJuniorsYoungsters
(Under 18)(Under 16)
Full Membership£12.00 pp
£13.00 (paypal)
£12.00 pp
£13.00 (paypal)
£8.00 pp
£9.00 (paypal)
£8.00 pp
£9.00 (paypal)
Social Membership£8.00 pp
£9.00 (paypal)
£8.00 pp
£9.00 (paypal)
£8.00 pp
£9.00 (paypal)
£8.00 pp
£9.00 (paypal)
Above are the fees for anual membership to this amazing club.

First to renew log into your CCBexley account

Renewing your membership online see below

  • A years full membership with CC Bexley. This runs from January 1st to December 31st for each calendar year.

New Members

Don't sweat, it's simple! Come out on a Sunday Social ride with us,  get the name of a 'seconder' from within the club (ask one of the riders) and you can start your membership application.

We ask every new member to attend a Sunday morning Social club Ride, this is to judge your riding ability,  to ensure you appreciate the  ethos of our club, and importantly, to learn how we ride together in our club. This should make your ride with us  safer and more enjoyable for everyone!

All you need to do then is complete the details on the application form, it's simple enough.

Download the CCB application form HERE

CCBs codes of conduct

  • Obey the Highway Code.
  • Ride safely and considerately.
  • Always be courteous to other road users or people crossing roads, even if affronted by rude or dangerous behaviour.
  • We ask all members to occasionally help out.
  • Wear club kit on club rides and when representing the club at races of any kind.
  • Ride a well maintained bike
  • Wear a helmet.
  • Carry a spare tube, tyre leavers and pump/gas.
  • Unless already familiar, learn and apply all commonly used hand and oral signals when riding on the road or in racing.
  • Red light jumping is very likely to lead to dismissal from the club.

Active members are required to belong to a suitable umbrella cycling organisation.

Most of CC Bexley members belong to the Cyclists Touring Club (CTC) or British Cycling. (formally the British Cycling Federation (BCF). Fees with these vary but are generally between about £20.00 and £30.00 per year. This rule is to ensure that you have adequate accident insurance cover while you ride with us, and membership to any of these organisations brings many other benefits.

Another organisation that may interest you more, if the major part of your cycling is within London, is the London Cycling Campaign (LCC). Membership includes rider insurance cover.

Click on any of the logos on our "AFFILIATIONS" page to go to the websites of any of these associations.

Still interested

Come and meet us and decide for certain. We will ask you to complete a Membership Form and lodge it with the Club Secretary. You will need a proposer and seconder from the club, but this is a formality and will not pose any problem once your interest has been fuelled. Memberships are confirmed at the clubs next committee meeting.

The benefits of membership

  • Be part of one of Kent's best cycling clubs
  • Ride and race with proficient cyclists who have a range of aspirations
  • Social events and club trips
  • Proudly wear our excellent cycling kit

Come ride with us - Newcomers Ride

You'll need to arrive with a bike, be a safe cyclist.

We will help you learn how to ride in close proximity to other riders.

The ride starts at 10.00am.

Make yourself known to the Ride organisers who will be the ones doing the ride briefing.

Our turn for some work

Computer says...YES!

You've submitted your form and received email confirmation that we are processing your application. Now it's our turn to do something! We simply verify all the details you have provided on your application form. It doesn't take long and as soon as we've done it you'll receive an email so you can get on with the serious business of becoming a CC Bexley member!

If we have any queries we'll contact you using the details you have provided.

Check your particulars

Once we've verified your details you will receive an email from us which will contain a unique link. Simply click on the link and you'll be taken to our on-line members portal. Once the page has loaded you must very carefully check your details. You can make any changes if you need to. When you're happy submit your details and you'll be taken to the next page.

Sign your life away

Before you can make a payment and finalise your application you must agree to ride according to the CC Bexleys code of conduct. It's nothing too scary, we are very conspicuous so when riding with the club or riding or racing in club kit we have to take extra care to make sure we are riding safely and respectfully of all other road users.

If you are happy to abide by the code you will be transferred to the final stage of the process.

Cough up!

This is the final hurdle! Once you've agreed to the Code of Conduct you will be transferred to PayPal who handle payment in a simple and secure environment. Let PayPal guide you through to make your payment using all major credit or debit cards.

You're in

You'll receive a receipt from PayPal and and a welcome email from us with essential information about how to enjoy the benefits of being a fully signed-up CC Bexley rider! You'll be able to purchase our excellent club kit and access our active discussion boards and take part in our numerous club activities. We encourage all members that the more they give to the club, the more they get out. We're run by enthusiastic volunteers who are passionate about the club. Please remember they have full-time jobs too.

Enjoy being part of Kent's Number 1 cycling club!

Junk Mail

Please note: Sometimes emails from CC Bexley are incorrectly identified as junk by your email programs and do not reach the intended recipient. Please make sure we are whitelisted with your email provider and email program on your computer.

Existing Members / Renewals

If you need to renew your membership you should have received an email containing a unique link. However, if you haven't received an email you can retrieve your unique link by clicking the button below and entering the email address that is registered for your CC Bexley membership.

About CC Bexley Membership Portal

This online portal allows new membership applications as well as management of existing membership accounts. Its purpose is to make applying and renewing membership to CC Bexley easier for members and administrators alike.

Online payments are handled via PayPal. We never store credit card details. The card types we accept are illustrated below.

You have the right to cancel membership within 14 days from when your payment was received. If you do cancel choose to cancel your membership, your payment will be returned and your membership records will be updated accordingly.

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Once completed please return to the club membership secretary.

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