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FUELLING FUELLING Fuelling well, before, during and after rides: Reduces your Rate of Perceived Exertion,  or allows you to ride Harder …….you decide. It also helps to support your immune system and maintains a positive mental mood. For all, but the specialist ultra-athletes, carbohydrate (carbs) is the most effective method of fuelling.  Carbs that we eat are converted to glucose. When our bodies have more …

Rate of perceived exertion

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RATE OF PERCIEVED EXERTION – RPE RATE OF PERCIEVED EXERTION – RPE Some of our members will think this information is not for them – they don’t want to race, it’s just for fun, they don’t want to spend money on expensive equipment and time looking at data; or even that they feel nervous about pushing their bodies too hard. …

John Coster

The Great John Coster – 12/10/1932 to 11/05/2016 It is with great sadness that we write to advise that John Coster, a founding member of C C Bexley, passed away on Wednesday 11th May, he was 83. John still managed to ride his trike up to the Trosley Cafe to meet with his club mates up until very recently, he …