John Healy Bexley' event' may 2007

The Bill Finch Memorial – 25 Mile TT

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Bill Finch Memorial ‘25’ on Q25/8 (Chilham) 8:00am start.


Course Q25/8: Start on A252 east of Molash at the corner post of Northdown House at entrance to Sottenden Lane (TR 032521). Proceed east on A252 and A28 to Milton Manor RAB Thannington (6.726 miles) (M). Turn and retrace on A28, via Chilham Fork (M) where turn left (Extreme Care) to Spearpoint Corner RAB (17.126 miles) (M). Retrace to Chilham Fork (M) where left to to rejoin A252. Proceed westward to finish approximately 290 yards past Chilham Castle Keep entrance (TQ 063534). (25.00 miles)

CC Bexley Course Code q25 8

Course Q25 8


Entries (£10) to Mark Vowells, Penny Green, Round St., Cobham, Kent DA13 9BA

or on line

Followed by lunch at The White Horse, Chilham.

Please book lunches Mark Vowells on 01474 393402

This is a special event in honour of Bill Finch’s Memory. It would be a great honour for the south-east region of the TA and CC Bexley members to receive your entry and or support at the event.

Everybody will be welcome and it will be the TAs pleasure to have CCB members there.


25 Apr 2021


8:00 am - 12:00 am




Chilham Village Hall, Chilham Castle Estate, Chilham, Canterbury, UK


Mark Vowells
01474 393402