11th July 2018 – Evening 10 TT

The CCB Evening 10 took place last night on very quiet roads and with near perfect weather conditions. The Club's 10 Mile TT Championship was also settled. Entries overall were a little down on usual due to the England World Cup game in Russia, but race winner, Ben Tulett put in a ride just 2 seconds shy of his course record. Impressive time also posted by Gemini's Martyn Jones at 22:30 and it was great to see Gary Grayland returning to racing having just recovered from a fractured pelvis.
2018-07-11 19:30
Rank Participant TimeClubGenderCategoryHandicap Points
1Marc EngallDNSCC BexleyM1
2Ben Tulett21:05CC BexleyM1
3Martin Jones22:30GeminiM1
4Gary Grayland25:14CC BexleyM1
5Mark Vowells25:47CC BexleyM1
6A Stone26:19Cycleteam on formM1
7N Lewis26:20Northroad CCM1
8D Bentall26:22SouthboroughM1
9D Ellis28:49CC BexleyM1
10L Stone28:53Cycle team on formM1
11Andy Elford31:06CC BexleyM1
12Paul Blacker35:37CC BexleyM1