25th July 2018 – Evening 10 TT

heat. Well done to Gemini's Martyn Jones for an excellent time of 22:21 - a very tidy time for mere mortals. Thanks, of course, must go to the marshals and timekeepers who were also baking in the evening sun.
2018-07-25 19:30
Rank Participant TimeClubGenderCategoryHandicap
1Murray SpencerDNFCC BexleyM
2Martin Jones22:21GeminiM
3Gary Grayland24:13CC BexleyM
4K Walker24:17Wigmore CCM
5Mark Vowells25:26CC BexleyM
6N Lewis25:51North Road CCM
7D Bentall26:35Southbrorugh WheelersM
8L Holland26:49GeminiM