11th April 2018 – Evening 10 TT

  • The first CCB Evening 10 of the year is a stark reminder of just how hard time trialling can be - and we love it!
  • With far from ideal conditions, it was fairly cold, misty and all accompanied by a cross wind; but this never phases the good guys.
  • Martin Jones of Gemini BC pipped our own Gary Grayland by just a few seconds, there were also impressive markers laid down across the field - now we look forward to next week.
  • Naturally, we send a big thank you to the time keepers, pushers off and the marshals up at the turn.
2018-04-11 18.45
Rank Participant TimeClubGenderCategoryHandicap
1Martin Jones23:24Gemeni BCM
2Gary Grayland23:48CC BexleyM
3Paul Tuohy24:58Dartford RCM
4S Fuller25:52CC Bexley (guest)M
5Mick Bebbington26:43CC BexleyM
6Lawrence Toombs28:04West Kent RCM
7Jamie Giorgiades28:16CC BexleyM
8C Haynes28:20Arctic RCM
9Mark Starbuck28:37CC BexleyM
10Jo Hitchen29:22CC BexleyF
11Mark Vowells29:55CC Bexley (Trike)M
12Marc Engall30:35CC BexleyM
13Andy Elford30:37CC BexleyM
14T Hibbard31:08CC Bexley (guest)M
15P Bareford31:39Arctic RCM
16John Hawes35:50CC BexleyM
17Paul Bailey38:29CC BexleyM
18Paul Blacker42:39CC Bexley (Trike)M