1st August 2018 – Evening 10 TT

The return to warm dry weather was very welcome. Phil Murrell from the Finsbury Club took the win with his first turn on our course this year. Thank you to the marshals, officials and timekeepers for giving their valuable time to make these events happen.
2018-08-01 19:30
Rank Participant TimeClubGenderCategoryHandicap Points
1Gary Grayland24:34CC BexleyM1
2P Murrell24:44Finsbury ParkM1
3I Chalk25:15Blackheath VeloM1
4Mick Bebbington26:40CC BexleyM1
5Reg Smith26:54GravesendM1
6L Willard27:02CC BexleyM1
7Jamie Giorgiades28:06CC BexleyM1
8Andy Elford29:45CC BexleyM1
9Paul Tuohy29:51Dartford RCM1
10Jo Hitchen29:52CC BexleyF1
11Murray Spencer31:47CC BexleyM1
12Marc Engall32:30CC BexleyM1
13Charles Theong34:57CC BexleyM1
14Paul Blacker36:49CC BexleyM1